Special Conference on Coastal and Marine Environment of Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh, January 8~9, 2016
Organized by Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA); Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN)
In association with pro-environment universities, professional bodies, and other organizations of Bangladesh
Topics of Interest (not limited to):
  • Protection of the Sunderbans
  • River and tidal flow management strategy in coastal region, including issues of water-logging
  • Impact of shrimp cultivation on the coastal environment
  • Hurricanes & other weather events in the coastal region
  • Submergence and beach erosion in the coastal region
  • Environmental effects of the ship-breaking industry
  • Problems and prospects of land erosion and accretion in the Meghna estuary
  • Problems of environmentally sustainable tourism in coastal Bangladesh
  • Special problems of the St. Martin's island
  • Issues of off-shore exploration of oil and gas
  • Special effects of climate change on the coastal region
  • Special problems of indigenous peoples in the coastal region
  • Other environmental issues of coastal & marine environment
If you are interested to organize special session, tutorial or mini-workshop, please contact.


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