[Microprocessor - Assembly Language - Microcontroller]

Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad
  • Books to buy:
    1. Yu & Marut, 8086 Microprocessor & Assembly Language
    2. MA Mazidi et al., PIC Microcontroller and Embedded Systems, Pearson, 2012
  • Attendance - at the beginning. No sleeping or disturbance. Mobile phone must be switched OFF [not silent].
  • No best count on exams.
  • Assembly Languages for Intel 8086 and PIC - MUST learn seriously. Recap C Programming [Part of exam]
  • 10 times more reading - outside the class
  • Home work - by default, what we cover in the class. If anything else/more, you will be informed. HW seriously - no copy, no cheating, no fakibaji-submission. Hand-written in Bangla-English
  • Project: Hardware-based project using PIC microcontroller: No Robocar or simple temp. sensor. Make a useful system. Must use assembly language, not others.
    Submit proposal by week 2: written proposal of 2 pages: title, purpose, background, what u need, how u do, etc. [submit project at the 1st class after Summer vacation: with HW project, 6~10 pages printed report as per IEEE template in LaTeX [now PDF based on MSWord]. Demonstration. PPT presentation with 5 slides.
  • Class tests - on-the-fly [May be Open-book exam & negative-marking]
  • Mid-term exam - 1 [May be Open-book exam & negative-marking]
  • Final exam
Some notes/info: