CSE3261: Computer Organization Architecture
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
University of Dhaka, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

Course Teacher:
Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Dhaka


  • Textbook to buy: Computer Organization and Architecture, W. Stallings, Pub.: Prentice Hall.
  • CT-1 is over.
  • 3 credits, 3 hours/week
  • Attendance - at the beginning. No sleeping or disturbance. Mobile phone must be switched OFF or in silent mode.
  • No best count on exams.
  • 10 times more reading - outside the class
  • Home work - by default, what we cover in the class. If anything else/more, you will be informed. HW seriously - no copy, no cheating, no fakibaji-submission. Hand-written in Bangla-English [so that you just can't copy-paste without understanding]
  • Class tests - on-the-fly [May be Open-book exam & negative-marking]
  • Mid-term exam [May be Open-book exam & negative-marking]
  • Final exam
  • Topics to cover:
    • Computer System;
    • Memory System;
    • I/O Devices, I/O modules, DMA;
    • CPU, Register, ALU, Bit slicing ALU;
    • Control Unit;
    • High Performance Computer System.
Some notes/info [will be updated regularly]: